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Why This Site?

What would our lives be if there are no movies to watch on big screen? Wouldn’t it be boring and lifeless? Well, this is actually true and that is the reason why I created this website to show everyone how much I appreciate this mode of entertainment, especially the actors who made them possible. Without these valuable actors, there wouldn’t be any movies at all. This website was created in dedication to all actors who played all kinds of roles there is hailing from Canada, England, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Australia .I made sure that all their achievements, information, movies and everything about their lives will be featured to everyone who wanted to know about it but it closed down in 2011 for some reasons. It was with a heavy heart that I chose to end what I started and turn the website into a health website which will cover everything about a person’s well-being.

I also wanted to reach out to all the people out there and help them realize how important health is and what may affect it negatively. There are so many factors that can cause damage to our well-being, especially if we fail to realize that what we are doing is already something that does something wrong to it. Young or old, people need guidance to do the right thing which prompted me to change this website and turn it into a blog that can help people. Health blogs are essential to guide some individuals who really need it. Most people these days are relying on natural methods to avoid chemical components from getting inside the body. This is actually helpful, especially if this is done ahead of time. Prevention is still better than cure that is why you need to get use to caring for yourself. I want to thank Dr Chad Adcock at Life Family Chiropractic for helping with some of the information that makes this blog possible.




Health and Fitness Tips for Women

Treatments like IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) have proven successful to induce fertility in many cases but the number of failure cases of these treatments cannot be overlooked either, as these treatments involve huge costs including a number of physical side effects and emotional stress. The most common reasons for female infertility are hormone imbalances, problems in the uterus, or ovarian dysfunction. Because there are so many factors that go into getting pregnant, it can take numerous tests to determine what the issues are. But with this longer life span have come increased health problems, chronic illness and disease associated with aging, such as dementia and osteoporosis, as well as vulnerability to reduced socio-economic status. Most women still assume all of the household’s responsibility for the health of the family. Women continue their care-giving roles in their later years.

But unfortunately, approximately 8 out of 10 women over the age of 65 suffer from certain women health concerns and problems. In this age group women health concerns like; coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death; lung cancer is second; breast cancer third; stroke fourth; and colorectal cancer is fifth. These symptoms occur more often in women than men and shouldn’t be ignored. It is crucial to be aware that 70% of women have similar symptoms of a heart attack as men, for instance sudden strong crushing chest pain and shortness of breath.

Women with a condition like diabetes at any age are at a very high risk of developing heart disease and stroke. When you make a comparison to women without diabetes these women have triple the risk of a condition like heart attack and a much greater risk of a stroke. Women who are active and more specifically involved in a regular exercise and nutrition program & take a total balance of health supplements are in a considerably better state of health and have less than half the risk of dying from heart disease and stroke.

Women need iron to produce red blood cells and iron deficiency anaemia. Specially formulated dietary supplements, women are crucial to women’s health. This is because women have a very specific lifestyle health must be addressed, and our modern world, polluted and busy making it difficult to do this is necessary. Most women have serious shortcomings in their food intake. Are mainly due to poor nutrition and increased stress on the body, women are increasingly affected by breast cancer, obesity, osteoporosis, premenstrual syndrome, infertility and skin diseases. Pregnancy and menopause also place heavy burdens on the body of a woman. Other Diseases: Chlamydia, Endometriosis is some diseases that cause inflammation or burning sensation in cervix and other fertility and reproduction related problems. Sometimes these diseases cause internal bleeding and injury. Methods such as contraception, sterilization are taken for safety from sexually transmitted diseases and hazards but one should always be careful that having unsafe sex with more partners would lead to any of the deadly diseases.